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 Water-cooled Single Cylinder Diesel Engines
  More: R175   R175N(D)   R175A   R175AN   R180   R180N   Z165F   165F   Z170F   Z175F-1   R170   ZR170   ZR175   ZR176   S195   S1110   ZS1100   ZS1110   ZS1115   ZS1125

 Water-cooled multi-cylinder Diesel Engines
  Shanghai Diesel Engines Series: 295D   2100D   495D   4100D   495ZD1   4105ZD1   6105IZLD   6105ZD1   6105ZLD1
6105AZLD   6113ZLD
  QC Diesel Engines Series: QC380D   QC385D   QC490D   480D   QC480Q   N485D   4102T   4102D   QC4105G

 Air-cooled single cylinder diesel engines
All Models: YM170F/FE   YM178F/FE   YM178FS/FSE   YM186F/FE   YM186FS/FSE   YM186FA/FAE
 Air-cooled two cylinder diesel engines
All Models: YM2V82   YM2V84   YM2V87   YM2V91
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